closeup of a stone carving on Wesley's building reading "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart"

Miriam asked us if we would give our Wesley word. We said, sure…but of course, we couldn’t agree on the word.   Well, we might not have agreed at first but those of you who know us, know whose word prevailed,

Possibilities is a word that represents Wesley, so many possibilities

The possibility to advocate for social justice, to not shy away from current issues that might divide us.

The possibility to identify a need and find a solution- the monthly Wesley Evening Food Pantry, the possibility that our original plan might need to be modified and expanded- now the Wesley Pantry here and at Parkland

The possibility that is defined by both our location and the stated mission of the Foundation- to be a ministry for students

The possibility to worship in different ways, mid-week, traditional and contemporary. Thank you, Dan, Miriam, Julie.

The possibility to be enriched by the musical gifts of the choir, the organist and others who give of their talent.

The possibility to learn in different ways, Sunday school, bible and book study groups, ESL study.

Each of us defines our own possibilities, individually and collectively, at Wesley we move those possibilities toward reality.