closeup of a stone carving on Wesley's building reading "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart"

I come from a very different cultural background and for thirty years, I have been a professor holed up in an office at the junction of Wright and Green Street. One day, I saw a sign outside Wesley that said all were welcomed. Since I, as most cultures do in the world, always believe that there’s a great Almighty up there, I decided to come to Wesley Church to attend the Sunday service. During the first service I attended, I was very moved.

I like the sermons that I hear at Wesley and I keep coming back for more. I learn things that are entirely out of my culture. I believe that science is not an enemy to religion even though I am a scientist. I like the sermons I have heard. For example, I remember Pastor Dan talking about science and religion. I remember Pastor Julie talked about loving your enemy. I think of Pastor Miriam who said “Jesus is our light, we’re the lamp.” After a while, I have come to realize that one really needs the strength of the Lord to love our enemy. Being a professor, I see the compounding effect of the statement: “Jesus is our light, we’re the lamp.” I have been very moved by the teaching of the church.

My life has become much better since attending church services at Wesley. I’ve got many “thinking out of the box” ideas from the sermons. I also find the people at Wesley to be very inclusive. People are friendly here.   I’ve been invited to usher, join a book reading group, even though I travel a lot. Charles Evans gives me many books by John Shelby Spong to read, which offer a refreshing view of Christianity. I also find the prayers and the hymns very meaningful.

Attending Wesley is a good practice and a constant reminder of who we are with respect to someone up above. My one word to describe Wesley is “inclusiveness”.

Thank you very much for including me in this church!