closeup of a stone carving on Wesley's building reading "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart"


I have been a part of Wesley Church and Wesley Foundation for 40 years. It is hard for me to imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t followed my mother’s advice to try Wesley when I finished college and returned to Central Illinois.

As it is Thanksgiving weekend, I’ll add the word Giving to the Why Wesley list. Wesley has given so much to me; hope, sanctuary, community. Just review all of the previous Why Wesley words. But it has also shown me an expanded meaning of Giving.

Giving money is probably one of the first things that we think of. It is very important that we support the operations of Wesley Church and Wesley Foundation. How else would church and foundation be here to do what they do. Sometimes we are called to go the extra mile – a roof on the Social Center isn’t paid for out of annual operating funds. (As chairperson of the Foundation Advancement Committee, I needed to say this.)

For me, the most important gifts that I have received from Wesley were providing opportunities to serve and to develop as a leader. Committee work and other behind the scenes work are not glamorous, but are crucial for an organization to function and for programs of fellowship, service, study and worship to occur. Clergy and staff can’t do it all.

In our membership vows, we are called to support the church with our tithes, talents, and prayers.   Allow Wesley to give each of us the gift of service in order to serve our community, country, world, and God.