Why Wesley?

In Fall 2016, we are asking our members “Why Wesley?” Participants share one word that captures their experience on Wesley and share during worship what it means to them. Here is what they said:

emily and scott lux pose with their baby noah

Emily and Scott Lux, with their child Noah, at his baptism.

“At Wesley, I don’t have to hide my insecurities. Here I find peace. I can ask for help, ask for prayers, ask for forgiveness.”
-Emily Lux (read more here)

“‘Why Wesley?’ my answer is, ‘because it feels like home.’ For me, home is a place where you should feel welcomed, loved, and supported. Home is a little community you share with people you couldn’t imagine your life without.”
-Maggie Thomas (read more here)

“And because of Wesley, we have hope that no matter where our journey leads us next, we can find communities like Wesley that bring us this kind of powerful and transformative hope week to week.”
-Blaze & Caroline Currie (read more here)

“The circle is—
the natural flow of people
through this campus church family
as the years go round and round.”
-Kristen Dean-Grossman (read more here)

No matter who I needed to be on any given day I have walked into Wesley, you have supported me, and helped me to find a way to succeed in being that person.
-Morgan Boes (read more here)

“I am grateful for [our pastors’] willingness to address difficult issues and help us gain understanding, perspective, and guidance within a biblical context. Like the university community in which we live, I am grateful that Wesley challenges our thinking and supports dialogue on issues which may cause discomfort and even disagreement.”
-Sara Kelley (read more here)

“Once inside I found nothing but friendly faces and kind words from the parishioners and pastoral staff. … I adore the sanctuary that we are in right now and find it to be a beautiful place, but beyond just the building, Wesley has become a haven from the rigors of graduate school.”
-Michael Drummond (read more here)

“I love the fact that Wesley truly welcomes and extends the grace of God to everyone, which includes the LGBT community, for whom I am an advocate. … I find Wesley to be a very welcoming, accepting and loving community, and am proud to call Wesley my church home.”
-Robin Wynne (read more here)

“The friends and family I have found here at Wesley are my safe harbor during a lifetime of near-constant motion. Knowing that you have a safe place to return to is what keeps you grounded, and reminds you that there is a shore on the other side of every ocean.”
-Reshmina William (read more here)