Fight Hunger

Did you know that Champaign County has the third-highest poverty rate in Illinois? That means 32,340 residents or 15.7% of the population, experience food insecurity each month.

Students at the Wesley Foundation Student Center make a difference in our community in a number of ways, but our special focus is on combating hunger in Champaign-Urbana, the rest of Illinois, and the world. Wesley is home to two hunger-fighting organizations, both of which offer a ton of opportunities to make a difference and put social justice into practice.

Illini Fighting Hunger

Illini Fighting Hunger Logo

Illini Fighting Hunger is a student-led organization dedicated to, well, fighting hunger in Champaign-Urbana and around the world. IFH organizes and executes small- and large-scale food repackaging events, where volunteers use IFH equipment to package bulk-bought food into individual portions. These include monthly events packaging rice and beans for Wesley Evening Food Pantry, as well as huge events like the Community & Campus Day of Service (where over 150,000 meals were packaged in 2018). IFH events are perfect for groups interested in serving together, since it offers a fun and team-oriented experience that directly benefits our local community.

If you are interested in holding a packaging event for your own organization (church, fraternity/sorority, RSO, scout troop, etc.), click here to get in touch with IFH.

Community & Campus Day of Service at Memorial Stadium.

Wesley Food Pantry

wesley evening food pantry hunger lives next doorFounded in 2006 to combat a growing local problem (Champaign-Urbana has one of the highest rates of food insecurity in Illinois), the Wesley Pantry has grown into a major force in the local scene. Every month, on each Thursday, more than a thousand people visit Wesley to get the food they need to feed their families and make it to the end of the month. And in 2013, Wesley Pantry started another pantry at Parkland College, which gives out food four times a month. The first Monday of each month, Wesley Pantry distributes food to University of Illinois students.

And none of that would be possible without volunteers. More than 1,500 University of Illinois students volunteer at the Wesley Pantry every year, joining Wesley members and others from the Chambana community. Volunteers do everything from unloading and organizing food on delivery day to cultivating a vegetable garden to helping clients select food during the pantry. If you’re interested in volunteering, click here to get more information or sign up.

With the help of volunteers, Wesley Pantry grows fresh vegetable for clients.

There are other ways to help out, as well. Proceeds from Etc. Coffeehouse and coffee and tea sales during Sunday Coffee Hour support Illini Fighting Hunger and Wesley Pantry.

More Opportunities

Click here for more information about service at Wesley.