Etc. Coffeehouse


11am-1pm each day

Monday, Aug. 29 – SNOW CONES

Tuesday, Aug, 30 – BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH

Wednesday, Aug. 31 – SWEET TREATS

Thursday, Sept. 1 – EXTREME POPCORN BAR


Etc. Coffeehouse is open weekdays from 9am-10pm

There may be many places to get coffee on the University of Illinois campus, but where can you drink fair-trade coffee, hang out with your friends, and fight hunger—all at the same time? At Etc. Coffeehouse, that’s where.

What is Etc., anyway?

It’s a question we hear from time to time from those as yet uninitiated in the awesomeness that is Etc. Well, here are some answers that just might entice you to visit.

It’s a coffee shop. There may not be baristas (in their place we have a crack team of volunteers), but there’s coffee and tea for sale every weekday from 9am to 10pm. The coffee’s always fair trade and is usually available in several styles and flavors.

It’s donation-based. There’s no set price for the coffee, though we do encourage you to pay a couple bucks. Your donation not only gets you a great cup of coffee; it also contributes directly to support the Wesley Evening Food Pantry.

It’s a great place to study or write. Full of comfy wingbacks and lots of tables, flooded with light but not super-loud music, Etc. is a boon to your productivity. It’s a good place to study for an upcoming test, work through those pesky problem sets, or finally finish the dissertation chapter that’s been plaguing you.

It’s a social space. Etc. is a great place to hang out with your friends. There are all those chairs, all that coffee, and a student lounge with board games and a pool table. Plus, Etc. hosts a number of events each week. Every Friday, at 4pm, Etc. plays host to the International Coffeehouse, where people from around the world gather to share stories, practice their conversational English, and have a whole lot of fun. Etc. also hosts Knitty Gritty and Hot Spot (see below).

It’s at the corner of Goodwin & Green. Enter on Goodwin and join the fun!

When is it open? Etc. is open Monday through Friday, from 9am to 10pm, during the academic year.

Student Lounge

Right across the hall from Etc. is the Wesley Foundation Student Lounge. Come here for comfy couches, free cable TV, and a pool table. It’s free and open all day for students who want to study, play, or just nap.

Hot Spot

Kick off your weekend in style—with free entertainment! Every Friday night during the semester, at 7:30pm, Etc. hosts Hot Spot, in partnership with Montage and music organizations around campus. Discover something new each week, from open mic nights to poetry readings to local bands.

Questions? Want to get involved? Email peer minister Rose at

people stand in etc. coffeehouse and talk

Students and others talk and share at International Coffeehouse

International Coffeehouse

International Coffeehouse is a gathering of domestic and international students, visiting scholars, friends, and family members. Sharing drinks, snacks, and conversation, participants learn about one another and practice their conversational English. Where else can you go and have the world sitting around your table?

International Coffeehouse is held every Friday from 4pm-6pm. Click here for more information about Wesley’s international programs, including an ESL class.