11:15 Worship

The 11:15 service at Wesley provides and intimate and unassuming setting for communal worship. During the school year the service takes place upstairs in the Great Hall, during the summer months it moves down to Etc. Coffeehouse for an even more intimate setting. We strive to maintain a balance between the ancient and the modern, recognizing the connection we share to countless generations of Christians who have gone before us and with millions of believers across the world today. Prayers of ancient saints mingle with cutting edge songs, and rituals are celebrated simply and joyfully. Intergenerational community is also a focus of the 11:15 service. Students can find a supportive home here, a place to worship alongside both peers and elders. Come and join us for a service or a season, it will be a joy to worship with you!

What to Expect at 11:15

It’s 11:15 on a Sunday morning and worshipers are gathering; graduate students mingle with undergrads, retired couples greet young families, babies are passed around, coffee is poured. The worship leader calls out a greeting over the friendly conversation as the band begins a call to worship. Everyone heads toward a favorite spot in the room, walking over the eclectic rugs that line the floor. Some settle into a spot on a comfy old couch, placing a coffee cup or snack down on a table. Hands are free to clap and voices are raised in harmony, singing songs of praise, joy, and hope. The music is upbeat and as eclectic as the furniture. New songs are mixed with ancient hymns and the traditional praise band instrumentation is peppered with mandolin, melodica, flute, or cello. Scriptures are read aloud by many different voices, by students from far and near, in English and in other tongues. The message is honest and practical, rooted in a deep spiritual and intellectual understanding of the Christian faith, yet made accessible to all. As the message concludes another pastor comes forward to the communion table to prepare the holy meal, as happens each and every week. Songs of thanksgiving ring out as the elements are received by any and all who wish them, voices join in one final chorus before the final benediction.