Scott Lux

Scott and his wife Emily lead the congregation to the front of the sanctuary for their child's baptism.

Scott and his wife Emily lead the congregation to the front of the sanctuary for their child’s baptism.

I am here to discuss how I have grown to become more of who I am supposed to be because of Wesley. To me, I would say that Wesley really epitomizes 1 Corinthians 12:12 “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” As I have grown in my own maturity, and as well in my faith, I have found that it is important to be myself and embrace who I am as a person. Emily and I met each other at another church prior to being here, and there, as with other churches I had attended in the past, I sometimes felt pressure to participate in activities that I could not sincerely embrace. Wesley has really allowed me to thrive with the skills that I have, rather than ask me to do things I can’t be sincere about. I began working on the Green Team several years ago when Charles and Eleanor Evans first started the group, and it has really allowed for me to do things to serve the church in ways that I am extremely passionate about. I personally have been interested in environmental issues since childhood, and being a part of the Green Team for the last several years has allowed for me to play a valuable role not only in the church body here locally, but be a part of a larger movement to protect our environment for our children and generations to follow. Additionally, as another benefit of this work, I have been able grow in confidence in areas where I used to feel less sure of myself, and that has even helped me in my own career. Moving forward, now that Emily and I have a little guy, I look forward to another chapter here at Wesley in growing in faith with other parents from the church body to raise our children as followers of Christ as well. Wesley really is an environment that truly allows you to be you by supporting its members through their own strengths.