closeup of a stone carving on Wesley's building reading "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart"


In Fall 2015, Wesley invited members to speak to the congregation about how Wesley has been a place for them to belong and become. Here is what they had to say.

“I belong to this place and I am becoming in this place. Wesley’s people, pastors, staff, non judgmental and ever caring have fostered an atmosphere in which I am learning who I am and what God wishes from me.”
Ann Spurgeon (read more here)

Allie Jones, furthest right in the back row, and other members of the Grad Study post with soup made for a local shelter.
Allie Jones, furthest right in the back row, and other members of the Grad Study post with soup made for a local shelter.

“These leadership opportunities have helped me develop into the person I believe God wants me to become, someone who uses her talents for administration to organize people to achieve social change. It’s a great feeling, as if you’re living in your sweet spot, to use the gifts you have to impact the communities you’re a part of, talk about a sense of belonging.”
Allie Jones (read more here)

“The pureness of purpose, the feeling of peace, and the sense of community are truly remarkable. I am excited on Saturday night when I know I will get to come to a service filled with God’s love, and that it will help me grow closer to God, and through that, feel joy.”
Doey Gordon (read more here)

“I was sold… and it is here that our search and church hopping ended. Wesley was our new home, and the transition was easy. We’ve been happily attending ever since, and have proudly participated in a congregation that is constantly embracing God’s perspective on humanity.”
Emily Lux (read more here)

“Wesley has really allowed me to thrive with the skills that I have, rather than ask me to do things I can’t be sincere about. I began working on the Green Team several years ago when Charles and Eleanor Evans first started the group, and it has really allowed for me to do things to serve the church in ways that I am extremely passionate about.”
Scott Lux (read more here)

“Wesley has been and is a place where I am figuring out where I fit as a Christian adult. I’ve attended bible studies and events like “Doubt Night,” events and places where I can ask my tough questions and express frustrations with my faith. The people I’ve met at Wesley have helped me to become more secure in my faith by allowing me to be insecure; by encouraging and supporting me as I ask my questions and continue in my ever-evolving journey to understand God and Jesus Christ as my savior.”
Erica Eis (read more here)

“In this tent here at Wesley we experience Christ in each and every one and we know we are home.”
Andrea Bohn (read more here)

“The positive atmosphere of Wesley encouraged me to be open about my faith, my doubts. I was invited to share insights at Bible studies, lead a weeknight worship service, and plan just-for-fun events like Trivia Night. Leading and planning is something I’ve always liked to do, and Wesley taught me how to direct that for God’s work.”
Olivia Harris (read more here)